What 4th of July, 2010 means to America and India. :Writer Kamlesh Chauhan

What 4th of July, 2010 means to America and India.

Written By: Kamlesh Chauhan
Copy Right @Chauhan 4th of July 2010

Some may be wondering 4th of July, 2010 America Independence has to do with India.
India and America two Independent nations have largest democracy while both are facing Dilemma of terrorism and hard core extremists where terrorists are trying to devastate two nations.

America and India take exceptional Pride in Diversity however terrorists want to play and divide and rule game in the name of freedom, race and religion. One needs to questions the mind of terrorists and misguided youths. Do they really know what freedom means?
Freedom is earned from life and learns to co-exist with others. Freedom means one has privilege to live free without killing, destroying temples, following rules and law the nation one is adopted, Born or living.

I came in this country as young bride as my parents arranged my marriage. I thank God million time that he gave me a birth in India and a chance to grow up in America. I have best of the two worlds. My mother land taught me if you live in Rome do as Roman do and follow the rules and regulation of the Land we live on. Respect the nation who gave you the freedom and opportunity to be who you are. My Adopted land America taught me there is no shame to earn money as a sweeper, as a shopkeeper or a President of the Company .Freedom is a responsibility to hold the freedom to respect others.

4th of July is message to both America and India don’t let your fear give terrorists a Victory? Don’t stop living and change your life style. As an American as an Indian or as human you want to travel anywhere in the world you should do it. If Terrorists are not afraid of killing why we should be afraid of traveling or visiting any religious place?

India should learn from America after 9/11 none of the terrorists’ efforts been successful in America. Well Trained security been enforced in order. Same thing India has to learn and do. Indians should not be afraid to live in Kashmir. Kashmir is Integral part of India. Don’t even compromise for an inch of your land. Don’t compromise your freedom with terrorists who are trying to scare you to visit your most beautiful shrine Amarnath. Let them burn Indian Flag as many time as they want too. America Flags been burned in many corner of the world. Put your National Flag every corner of Jammu and Kashmir. Educate USA that Kashmir is not Palestine. Kashmir belongs to India. USA need to recognize Kashmir need peace and peace is only possible with the existence of Indians in Kashmir.

Let’s Celebrate 4th of July, 2010 make a memorable day. Let’s say God Bless America. God Bless India. May God protect us. Extremists want to destroy our freedom with fears.

Please don’t manipulate and Exploit my views on your blog or anywhere if you don’t agree. This Voice of mine is copyright@Kchauhan2010. All rights reserved. I respect all religion but we all have to fight against dividing nations. “No Nation should be divided in the name of race and religion” (Chauhan)

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  1. thank you. very nice post

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  2. Don’t even compromise for an inch of your land. Don’t compromise your freedom with terrorists...

    Beautiful post with motivating thoughts.


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